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CountryPlace Green

CountryPlace Green

Our pathway to a sustainable future

We often think it would be hard to imagine a more beautiful place for our employees to work. Or a more beautiful place for our guests to visit. We want to keep it that way by helping to protect and enhance our environment.


To be recognised as the environmentally sustainable benchmark in Australian residential conference, wedding and function venues.

Our Mission

To facilitate the ongoing development of sustainable practices with benefits for staff, guests, neighbours and our environment.

Our guiding principles

  • Work with like-minded organisations that share our principles.
  • Ensure the health and safety of our guests and employees.
  • Add value to the resources that come under our control.
  • Conduct our business with due care and in accordance with law.
  • To ensure our business is sustainable environmentally and financially.
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Our actions

Our community, staff and guests have expectations that call for the wise use of resources. We are working to meet these expectations.

Green Team

Our sustainability program is managed by a team of representatives from all departments. They meet regularly to review our sustainability practices and identify opportunities for improvement. We would like to share some of the things we are doing to foster the wise use of resources and the improvement of our environment.

CountryPlace Green Team


CountryPlace is currently investigating the most appropriate level of certification for the business. We have qualified for Green Star certification from the International Association of Conference Centres.

Water Conservation

Our precious water comes from a natural underground spring. Water conservation measures have been enhanced by capturing treated grey water and recycling it to the gardens. We are very proud of our achievement to reduce the pressure on our limited water source and equally proud of our beautiful gardens and lawns that have been the beneficiaries of this initiative.

Reduction measures in water consumption at CountryPlace include dual flush toilets, aerated taps for reduced flows and signs seeking guest cooperation to reduce consumption. We are most grateful to our guests for playing a part. Plant selection, focussing on Australian natives and mulching of all garden beds has also helped to reduce water consumption


Recycle bins are supplied in all conference rooms. Glass, paper, cardboard and plastic are all sorted on-site for collection. Wine bottle corks are collected and sent to Girl Guides and the Zoo for recycling.

Energy Conservation

All standard gas hot water units have been replaced with solar heat pumps that save on fuel consumption.

Low energy consumption lighting has been fitted. A conservation program is in place encouraging guests and staff to turn off lights, airconditioners and equipment when not in use.

Tree Planting

In recent years our Group has planted over 6,000 native trees. This contributes to bird and native animal habitat and provides carbon emmission offsets. Many are flowering varieties providing wonderful displays and floral arrangements. Flower costs are reduced improving business sustainability.

A major weed eradication program has been underway for 3 years. Holly, cape ivy, banana passionfruit, blackberry infestations have been almost eliminated.

Our future plans and goals

  • To gain accreditation for our environmental management systems.
  • To utilise solar power to reduce carbon emmissions and achieve energy cost savings that contribute to the sustainability of our business.
  • To improve our recycling practices and substantially reduce our waste sent off the property.
  • To become carbon neutral as soon as possible.
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