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Corporate Fencing

Corporate Fencing

Get to the Point

Get to the Point” is a Corporate Fencing Team Building activity that gets right to the point of achieving your team-building goals. A fencing workshop is designed for individuals and teams who wish to challenge both their body and mind. Routine can stifle employee interest and stymy business development. Chris Jones will develop programs that take participants out of their comfort zone and provide rewarding challenges.

Get to the Point offers a unique opportunity to experience an unusual activity, with numerous individual and team outcomes. Whether you are looking for a fun experience or for transferable business skills such as focus and beating your competition, you’ll be guaranteed to GET THE POINT!!

Group fencing experience sessions can be designed and tailored to your requirements:

  • suitable for groups of 2 – 100
  • participants of any age and fitness level and with no experience required
  • from a 1 hour executive coaching session to a full day workshop
  • all equipment provided
  • run by top international fencers

The experience begins by learning all necessary skills for sword fighting: focus, balance, timing, attack and defence. Then take your sword and battle it out with friends and colleagues.

CountryPlace, working with Chris Jones, champion fencer and Accredited Coach and Instructor, offers a safe and controlled environment for your team.

14 days notice required. Price on application according to group size and duration. 

SPECIAL OFFER: 20% discount to the first groups to book a Fencing Workshop at CountryPlace. Conditions apply.

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