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Team Building Activities Melbourne

Team Building Activities Melbourne

Transform Employees

Help transform employees into high performance teams through a range of exciting, challenging and testing team building activities that:

  • Identify Comfort Zones
  • Foster Trust
  • Promote Risk Taking
  • Encourage Self-Disclosure
  • Demonstrate Group Dynamics
  • Discover Team Members’ Strengths and Weaknesses


team building activities melbourne

Team Building Rope Facilities

  • The Wall High ‘Y’
  • Mohawk Walk
  • Leap of Faith
Team Building Rope Facilities

Conference Team Activities

Here are fascinating team activities that can be customised to your conference objectives.

The Amazing Race

Yes just like the TV series right down to the route markers, envelopes and including challenges such as road blocks, detours and all plays. The Amazing Race activity can be graded in degrees of difficulty, style of transportation and challenges depending on the outcomes required.

Lights Camera Action

Produce your own TV program. Take a product or a service, create a vision, write your script. Then have a professional camera man following you, choose props, models, lighting and angles. Teams will experience all the thrill and drama of producing their own video.

Crack the Da Vinci Code

Not only is this event topical but also FUN, challenging and very stimulating. Crack the code by completing challenges and solving cryptic clues hidden throughout the venue and surroundings to find the Holy Grail.


This is the ideal team development activity that combines all areas of high performance team work. By following a predetermined set of coordinates, clues, maps and instructions, teams weave their way around the area plotting strategic points as they go.

Conference Games

Teams compete against one another in a range of fun games and activities. The Conference Games is a wonderful activity that encourages interaction, relationship building, team unity and fun.

Poker Face

The increase in poker popularity makes this event an entertaining team-building option. Many skills seen at the poker table are easily transferred to the corporate world. Such as Risk analysis. Is this a good bet/deal? Reading people. Is this person telling the truth/bluffing? See how your people behave under pressure.

Mission Impossible

Your goal is to be on the team to finish first.  There are decisions to be made, between problem solving or recreational tasks, objects to recover, directions to follow, obstacles to overcome, including other teams that may disrupt your best laid plans. Teams must choose carefully to keep ahead of the pack.

Sword Fighting

Corporate Fencing is a team-building activity that gets to the point. A sword fighting workshop designed for individuals and teams who wish to challenge both their body and mind. Routine often stifles employees interest and stymies business development. There are programs that take participants out of their comfort zone and provide rewarding challenges.

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